General Service Guidelines

We really appreciate your business. In order to provide you a better experience and get the service you requested done quickly and smoothly, we ask you to read the following general guidelines before you send your documents to us.

    • Please check our FAQ for your questions first. There are many commonly asked questions already been answered there.
    • We hide our mailing address on purpose. The address will show up once you complete the free online registration. This is to avoid customers send us incomplete documents and we don’t know how to contact the customer and where to return the documents.
    • When doing the online registration, please make sure to leave a good phone number so we can use to contact you. Also, please make sure to add and to your contact list as we will send emails to you from those addresses.
    • When sending the documents, please make sure do not ask for signature on delivery. This may delay your application as sometimes, the mail carrier just leaves a note asking us to pick up without even ring the bell.
    • If you need an invoice/receipt, you can always retrieve it from the Status Tracking page. The invoice/receipt has itemized order and payment details. Please contact us if this is not enough.
    • Please make sure to obtain a tracking number when shipping your package.
    • Please make sure to go to Status Tracking page to update your shipping information once you ship the package out.
    • You may find the detailed requirements/instructions for Chinese visa HERE.
    • You may find the detailed requirements/instructions for Document Notarization HERE.

Once again, thank you for doing business with us!