Get documents notarized/certified at Chinese Embassy

When you do business in China, you often need to get some documents notarized/certified at Chinese Embassy before you can use them in China. Following are few things you want to know before you get started.

  • The original documents must be in English. For documents in Chinese, you will have to obtain a translated version in English.
  • Those original documents need to be notarized by the clerk of your city or county, then the secretary of your state, then US Department of State. VMS also provides service to get your documents notarized at US Department of State. 
  • Please make sure do NOT alter those original/notarized documents in any ways.
  • Make an online registration
  • Download and fill out the G1 form
  • Send all documents to us along with your payment. Again, please make sure do not alter those documents, send them to us as they are.
  • If you decide to use our service to get documents certified at US Department of State, and you have multiple documents, please contact us after registration for a discount. The first document is on original price, and each subsequent document will have the discount applied.
  • Please read the general guidelines for using our services HERE.