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1. Processing Time and Payment Policy

Due to the changes at the Chinese Embassy, the processing time is very unpredictable.
Packages received after 8:00 AM will be processed the next business day at the earliest. "Business day" refers to business days of the Chinese Embassy, which excludes both US holidays and Chinese holidays. Check the Chinese Embassy website to get a full list of the visa office's holidays. The above processing times are based upon VISAMAILSERVICE.COM's previous experiences, may vary according to the responses in your application, and are subject to change without notice. The issuance of a travel document is entirely at the discretion of the Chinese Embassy and its officials will make the final entry decision even with valid documentation. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM makes no guarantee that VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will obtain your travel document in a timely manner.
Please make sure to follow the instructions to complete the registration form and send it to us with all supporting documents and full payment. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is not responsible for any delay caused by errors made by you or a third party. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM may charge an additional fee for correcting your errors or requesting additional documents. If VISAMAILSERVICE.COM personnel makes mistakes or errors that result in the delay of your application, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will refund the difference between the cost of your registered service and the cost of the actual service provided. In any circumstance, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM shall not be held responsible for any compensation beyond paying the above-stated refunds. A $25 fine will be charged to you on any returned check.

2. Passport and Document Security and Shipping/Handling

VISAMAILSERVICE.COM keeps passports and all supporting documents confidential and secure. If VISAMAILSERVICE.COM personnel make mistakes or errors that result in loss or damage of your passport, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will pay the expense for you to obtain a new passport. In any circumstance, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM shall not be held responsible for any damage beyond the reasonable cost of replacing your passport. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM uses insured mail services to send your passport and visa back to you. In case of damage or loss of any document during return mail service, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is only responsible for providing mail tracking and insurance information. It is your option to send VISAMAILSERVICE.COM a self-stamped envelope for shipping back. If you decide to do so, please make sure you put enough postage on the envelope and keep a record of the tracking number before you send it to us. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is not responsible for keeping track of the package, nor for any delay, damage, or loss of the package. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will drop off a 'Self-Stamped Envelope' at any dropbox, branch, or store that accepts the mail for your selected courier. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM uses FedEx as the primary courier. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM reserves the right to select other couriers. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will not accept any P.O. Box as a shipping back address. FedEx Ground Shipping is not available for addresses in Alaska and Hawaii. If your shipping back address is in Alaska or Hawaii, and you want to use the available delivery services provided by VISAMAILSERVICE.COM, a $28 surcharge will be applied. By sending applications to VISAMAILSERVICE.COM, you specifically agree that VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is not liable for the action or inaction of any government body, nor for any delays, loss of documents or materials by such services or by any delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or the US Postal Service.

3. Visa Application Issues

VISAMAILSERVICE.COM works on behalf of you as an agent. You are responsible for following all laws and regulations. Therefore, please make sure you read all instructions, visa type definitions and fee schedules at the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States before you submit your applications. You agree to indemnify VISAMAILSERVICE.COM against any losses or claims arising from any intentional misconduct or gross negligence on your part. The decision on your application is made by the Chinese Embassy or its Consulates General. If your application is denied or a different visa type is granted, VISAMAILSERVICE.COM will not refund your payment to VISAMAILSERVICE.COM but will return all or part of your visa application fee according to fee schedules of the Chinese Embassy and its Consulates General.

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