Easy, Fast, and Reliable

VMS – China Visa Mail Service

VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is a Chinese Embassy recommended China visa agency. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM offers U.S.A. citizens and foreign citizens in the U.S.A. a mail service to obtain a visa to visit or work in China. VMS charges a fee and applies a China visa or other services for you on your behalf. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM also helps people to get documents authenticated and notarized from the Chinese Embassy.

What do you need to do?

Complete a simple online registration form
Read the detailed requirements of visa application on the embassy’s website (http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/).
Fill out the China Visa application form or other application forms. The forms can be downloaded from the embassy website or our site for free.
Mail your passport and/or supporting documents to us

What do we do for you?

Check your application and contact you for supporting documents if you have failed to include them in the package
Take your application to the Chinese Embassy for processing
Pick up your passport with China visa Or certification documents from the embassy once they have been issued
Send the passport and China visa/certification back to your office or home using an insured traceable mail courier – FedEx Saver, FedEx Express or FedEx Overnight

Our Service could be very convenient for you

  • Our service could be very convenient for you because you can have the visa in your hand … Without driving
  • It’s not pleasant to drive tens or even hundreds of miles to a consulate Without hotel expense
  • Even same day service may hold you up in a hotel for a day or two Without parking hassles
  • You know how hard it can be to find a parking spot in a busy city Without wasting time in a waiting room
  • Many applicants spent hours in a consulate every day Without follow-up crisis
  • You know how hard it can be to find a parking spot in a busy city Without wasting time in a waiting room
  • You may be asked to go back to fetch more supporting documents when you finally meet a consulate officer Without disturbance
Thinking to ask a friend to do it for you? Hmmm—
Click Registration now to apply you Chinese visa through us. VISAMAILSERVICE.COM is a non-government based visa expediting service and a registered agency at the Chinese embassy. We work directly with the visa office at the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. and hand-carry your applications to the embassy.
The Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the United States do not accept applications by mail. If you mail your visa application to the Chinese Embassy and Consulate, your passport will be returned (visa won’t be issued). To apply in person: You need to wait in line, hand in the application and venture back days later to pick up the visa.