The descriptions for the application status

Whenever the application status gets changed, our system will send an email to notify you of the current change.
The new status is on the first line of the email body, reads something like
Your aplication status of Case Id. xxxxxx is updated to Shipped back
where xxxxxx is your case ID and “Shipped back” is the current new status. The possible status and meanings of each of them are listed below:
  • Received by VisaMailService: We have received your application package, reviewed and submitted to the authority. We will NOT contact you unless we need more information from you.
  • Missing Document: We are requesting additional documents based on our review or the requirement from the authority. The reasons should be described in the message body. Please contact us immediately to provide the information we requested.
  • Shipped Back: The application is completed, and it has been shipped back to you. If you chose to use our mail-back service, you should also find the tracking number and shipping method in the message body.
  • Denied: The visa office has denied your application, we are shipping all your documents back to you.