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  • Where is your office? I cannot find a mailing address to mail my application to you!
    We did not display our mailing address on purpose. In the past, there were customers just sent their passports in with no supporting documents and we did not even know how to contact them as they did not do the online registration neither. 
    Once you have completed the online registration, you will see our address on the page as well as the invoice/receipt, please read through the pages and send us all the required documents.
  • How to get started to my Chinese visa application?
    Please check Chinese Embassy requirements at  http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/adr/
    You will then need to complete our free online registration.  You will get Invoice/Receipt page at the end, which contains our mailing address, detail fee schedule, etc. Please mail us one copy of your Invoice/Receipt page, one payment payable to ‘Visa Mail Service’ with amount shown in the Invoice/Receipt, and all other documents that Chinese Embassy requires.
    Once you have mailed us all the Chinese visa documents to us. We will submit the application to Chinese Embassy on your behalf.
    Please make sure to leave a good phone number and active email address when doing the online registration. We will use those means to get in touch with you if more information is needed.
  • What information is needed in the invitation letter for visiting visa?
    The invitation letter should include inviter’s name, contact phone number, address in China, relationship with applicants and the reason for invitation, signature and date at the end. One copy of inviter’s residential ID in China is required as well.
    Please make sure to use the legal name (exactly the same as shown on the passport) for invitee, NOT to use nick names, nor Chinese names.
  • I need my visa ASAP, but the express/rush service is not available.
    We disabled express/rush service for a reason. Please call us and our agent will calculate the processing time based on your situation and also walk you through the steps to ensure you will not miss your flight.
  • Where do I mark the visa type for 10 years multiple entry?
    On the visa application form, section 2.2, please check mark “Other” and specify “10 years multiple entry” in the field.