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Q - My wife is a citizen of China and I plan to reside in China. What type of visa do I need?
A - You need Q1 or Q2 visa. Following are the documents needed: 1. Your valid & actual passport as well as a copy of your personal information page of your passport . The passport must have at least 1 year validity left before expiration and at least two blank visa page left in it.
2. One completed Visa Application Form with one additional passport photo (black & white or color is acceptable).
3. One copy of signed invitation letter from your wife,
4. A Photocopy each of your marriage certificate, your wife personal identification card in china.
5. A Photocopy of your online invoice page. (You will get the invoice page after you complete our online registration)
6. Your payment
You can go to local police office to apply resident permit with your Chinese visa after you enter china.
Q - My parents are going to Nepal and they will be in Hong Kong Airport in transit for 6 hours . Do they need a visa?
A - They do need Hong Kong Entry Permit for transiting in Hong Kong. The required documents are detailed at
Q - How can I have my documents nortarized by the Chinese embassy?
A - 1. Get the documents certified by the clerk of Court of the County in which the document is commissioned if applicable. The clerk's signature is required in addition to the seal.
2. Get the documents certified by the Secretary of the State in which the document is executed. The secretary's signature is required in addition of the seal.
3. Send the documents to the US Departments of State for certification. You can have The US Department of State to send the certified documents to CSCA to save some time.
4. Send the completed authentication/notarization application form (G1), one copy of your ID like passport and driver's license, the signed invoice page and the payment along with the US Department notarized documents to CSCA. The mailing address is on the top left of the invoice page.

Q - Can I trust your company?
A - Yes, our company is registered with the Chinese Embassy. We have processed thousands of applications in the past with no complains. Please goto the embassy web site and you will see our company is listed there.
Q - Do I need a visa to enter Hong Kong?
A - Please refer to Hong Kong Immigration Department's web site at
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